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Newsletter 23 April 2019
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  • We're Growing!
  • GP9RM Update

We're Growing!

We are expanding!
As you have probably noticed, for those of you who browsed the website in the past few days, we currently do not have any locomotive kits in stock for sale.

The reason is a simple one: we are expanding!

We have come to the conclusion that instead of casting our out kits, we will outsource the production to a company we trust.
Therefore, we can expect a temporary shortage in stock.

Although I personally love the whole production process, as the company and demand is growing, the work load grows along with it and the rime spent for production is taking away from the development of new kits and models.

And this is not the only reason: we are currently preparing for our first exhibit at the beginning of 2017 - more details on this soon!

If you have already purchased a kit of ours, you probably know that our kits are exceptionally detailed and include many components, including ones that are optional for assembly to provide the most accurate model.

In order to keep evolving we have chosen a supplier which we believe can provide support to our need for a higher volume of production, to prevent any further delays and shortages  in shipping of our products.

We guarantee that although production costs are higher, we will not raise the prices on our current models and kits.


GP9RM Update

Regarding the GP9RM - Why the extanded delay?
The initial delay began, as we previously mentioned, because of the eched metal parts, and after all the tests we have been waiting for the production stock.

At the same time we have started to manufactor 3 cab varietions for these kits.

The original model included the class light housings ,olded to the body. Makes sense, right?

We have noticed that some locomotives have class lights of different configurations, and this is where the second delay comes into play.

In order to reach as many versions of the locomtive as possible, and provide an authentic replica of these models we have decided to turn the headlights instead of a part of the locomtoive to a photo etched part.

That way we provide 3 types of class lights - which means new molds fof the locomotive
What have we done with the already manufactored locomotive?
Since they are not the model we sold, unfortunetelly, we have shredded them.

We are well aware of the delay but it all comes from the greatest ambition to create high level and most accurate kits.

As always, we invite you to write to us with any advice, request or question.


GP9RM  GP9rm

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