We are currently looking to hire part-time/ ad-hoc basis product development engineer

Position: Planning and designing scale model trains.

1. product development of freight and passenger cars
2. product characterization- research and design, drafting of drawings, 3D drawings, etc.
3. Experience in working with Autodesk Inventor or solidworks

The Role Requires
- Experience in 3D drawings, characterization and design of the product, including planning of drawing and fitting parts.
- Ability to research, find information, and design variations of different models.
- Drawing and designing etched parts, metal parts, handrails, etc.
- Design of scheme painting (advantage)

This will be a part time job/ ad-hoc basis.

please send us an email: Info AT mapleleaftrains.com(replace "AT" with @) if interested.
We look forward to hearing from you!