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F59 locomotive kits. both phase III and II

The F59ph frmae (both PHIII and PHII) can be motorized in one of the 2 options:

A. Use Mechanism from Atlas™ GP38/40 model.

B. NWSL's "Stanton" HO scale drive unit

Option A:

Frame ready to accept Atlas's™ GP38/40 Mechanism.
In order to motorized you'll need the following parts (Atlas part numbers, available directly from Atlas):

Motor: Item #891100

Trucks Item #9890300

Link Shaft: 920115, 920113

Joiner 920111

Crossing joint 920112

Worm set 850318

Thrust washer 850319 

Trucks Item # 9890300

Option B:

Another option to motorized the locomotive is NWSL's™ 'Stanton' drive unit. A simpler way to motorize the locomotive as the tracks have the motor already built-in.

You'll need the 9'-00" wheel base, 40" diameter wheel version.



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