Frequently Asked Questions - General Product Information

FAQs - General Product Information

Resin is a heat sensitive material.
Therefore, illumination should be with LEDs, not with bulbs, of any type, or any voltage. not even a grain size 1.5V bulbs

In order to glue Resin parts to body:

First, sand/ file the parts for and castin remaning. then, wash with soap anf let dry.

preform a dry run.

Finally, use ACC glue to glue the parts.

First, cut and remove parts (Port holes, windows, windshield) from sheet using #11 blade X-acto knife.
Next, sand carfully any imprefections and glue using Microscale’s “Micro Kristal klear” carefully in place.

Let dry completely.

Modellerd may want to bond clear part after painting/ weathering.


Our frame easlily accept Kadee or any kadee compatible couplers. coupler pocket covers also included

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